How to Apply
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501(c)(3) organizations interested in submitting a grant proposal to the Hudson-Webber Foundation should take the following steps:

(1)  Review the Foundation’s website to determine if the proposed project/program fits within the Foundation’s Mission Areas and Grant Making Policies.  We encourage the organization to contact Foundation staff to discuss the alignment of the proposed project/program with the Foundation’s current priorities.

(2)  Submit a Letter of Inquiry.  Letters of Inquiry should not be any longer than two pages and should include information regarding the proposed grantee organization, the proposed project/program, the requested funding, and contact information for the proposed grantee.

(3)  Foundation Staff will respond within six weeks as to whether a proposal will be invited based on the Letter of Inquiry.

Review Procedures

The Hudson-Webber Foundation reviews grant proposals during three periods each year – Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter.

The Foundation’s President reviews all grant proposals with the assistance of the Program Director.  The President may turn down proposals that are not within the Foundation’s geographic area or current program missions and priorities. For those proposals that fall within the Foundation’s current program priorities and guidelines, further investigation may be conducted or additional information and supporting data may be requested.

After review by the President, each proposal is submitted to a Foundation committee for thorough review and evaluation. This Committee also may initiate further investigation if deemed necessary.

Finally, each proposal is considered at a regular meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. After reviewing Committee recommendations, the Board makes final decisions and approves or denies each proposal.