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The HudsonWebber Foundation’s giving strategies are focused around four core mission areas: Physical Revitalization, Economic Development, the Arts, and Safe Community.

In addition, the Foundation provides a unique program supporting former J.L. Hudson Company employees.  The Hudsonian Assistance and Counseling Program provides the services of a professional counselor to assist eligible former J.L. Hudson Company employees and their dependents who are seeking help with personal crises.  This counselor offers referral to public agencies and to private resources as appropriate. When financial assistance is a necessary component of crisis resolution, and when personal or family resources, commercial resources, and/or assistance available through community, charitable, or public resources is unavailable or inadequate, the Program’s counselor may apply for a grant on behalf of a Hudsonian.  To be eligible for the Program, individuals must have been J.L. Hudson Company employees hired before 1970 and retired before July 1, 1986.